The following summarizes some of the consulting projects completed in healthcare, nonprofit and banking sectors.

Sample Projects

¨ In situations where leadership in the Human Resources function is not internally available, provide ad hoc guidance to CEO’s / Executive Directors regarding policy issues, strategic alternatives, and other “people management” matters as they arise.

Executive Human Resources Guidance

¨ Evaluate market position and develop a new base compensation structure.  Develop program policies  and guidelines and design communication materials

¨ Assess incentive program in light of changing organization goals; redesign program including plan documents and communication materials

¨ Design creative approaches to compensation for an organization having extreme difficulty staffing 24 hour services.


¨ Design a performance planning and assessment process that is clear, easy to use, and incorporates both self-assessments and 360 degree review processes.  Develop communication materials and conduct training.

¨ Develop assessment criteria for behavioral competencies such as collaboration, respect, initiative, and openness to change.

¨ Conduct manager training on performance development and assessment, providing a structured approach to the “hard” conversations.

Performance Management

¨ Develop and administer specialized salary surveys for employer groups not well-served by standardized surveys; utilize an online survey completion and reporting process.

Salary Surveys

Work Environment / Team Development

¨ Evaluate a work environment, present recommendations for team development, assist with developing and implementing an action plan to improve group functioning.

¨ Provide training for a work team on group process and project planning; facilitate planning to address critical business issues

Policy and Program Assessment

¨ Assess existing policies and practices, develop recommendations for change, design approaches consistent with organization direction, current employment practice and legal requirements.

¨ Analyze existing employee benefits structure compared to others similar organizations, develop alternative approaches, analyze costs and transition issues.



¨ Assess organization needs and develop competencies and position responsibilities; complete initial selection and refer final candidates for interviews.  Check references and write offer and regrets letters.

Mergers/ Organization Restructuring

¨ Assess Human Resource implications of a strategy to significantly change organization structure, governance or affiliation.  May include labor relations, labor law, costs, benefits and potential barriers in terms of pension, benefits, compensation programs, and employee relations.

¨ Lead implementation of strategic plans to address barriers to change, including priorities for change, deal-breaker issues and employee communication plans.



¨ Provide management and executive coaching in organization dynamics such as: planning and goal accomplishment through a team; dealing with a difficult employee or colleague; handling a change in job responsibilities or position level.

¨ Coaching on job transition, whether voluntary or involuntary.


¨ Using a participatory process, assist a Board of Directors and organization leadership to clarify the organization’s present circumstances, reaffirm their vision, identify barriers to reaching their goals, develop strategic directions and prioritize twelve-month actions to move the organization closer to realizing their vision.

¨ Within a very large organization, design and lead a process to provide employee participation and input to the strategic plan,  facilitate leadership response to that input, and communicate the final action plans across the organization.